So why work at Hearnes?

Since we opened the doors to our very first Hearnes branch 1996, we’ve built our business around a team of incredible staff. Our aim is to support every individual in realising their ambitions, to give them the skills and knowledge required to build a successful career in the property sector.

We look for individuals who value customer care, who are enthusiastic, eager to learn and who are willing to go that extra mile in every situation, both for their customers and fellow colleagues.

Exceptional service rests at the core of our business, and whilst we have high standards for our staff, we really value and appreciate them, and strive to create a happy, positive environment for everyone, both in and outside of the workplace.

Potential candidates should be personable, honest and genuine, willing to work under pressure and to tight deadlines. We understand the nature of the industry is demanding, but we will be on hand to support each of our employees every step of the way.

Our experienced managers ensure every employee receives the best industry training possible, giving them the tools and skills they need to become confident members of staff and experts in their field.

Whether you come into Hearnes as a trainee or with years of experience, we encourage all our staff to grow and develop within the company, always seeking to build on their previous skills and experience. We want our staff to feel fulfilled and challenged, as well as having great job satisfaction.

We have a long-standing, talented team who make Hearnes what it is today. Here are just a few of their comments revealing what they enjoy most about working at Hearnes…

“Hearnes are a very organised and efficient company with excellent systems and structures. Working in such an environment means we can be professional and provide a service beyond expectations!”

“Pride… every time I say I’m an Estate Agent I am really proud to say I work at Hearnes.  We are different to others because we are proud of our brand”

“We feel valued and appreciated so work hard not stopping when we are tired, but stopping when we are done!”

“I think working for a family based company is important as it’s small enough to give everyone a voice”

“The company car allowance has allowed me to own an awesome car!”

“The owners are amazing! So, understanding, compassionate and hands-on”

“We are all different characters but everyone gets on. There is a great work ethos and team camaraderie”

“We have great Christmas parties!”

“Hearnes appreciate a good balance between family life and work life.  They have been very flexible to accommodate me.”


If you would like to find out more, in the first instance send your CV with a covering letter or email to:

Lyndon Le Boutillier

18-20 Parkstone Road



BH15 2PG


Send a CV or call us on 01202 317317