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How local knowledge can enhance property sales

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How do local estate agents improve property sales?

There’s a lot of potential for a local estate agent to achieve a better sale for your home. The main reason for this is local knowledge. An estate agent that specialises in one village, town or a specific area in larger urbanised areas will have a greater understanding of the market in that particular area.

But why exactly will local knowledge matter when trying to sell a property for the best price? Often, it’s what the local estate agents can provide to prospective buyers that improves sale times and offers for their clients.

Here’s how…

#1: Local estate agents provide answers and build trust

Prospective buyers viewing properties will have lots of questions. Many of these questions won’t just be about the property itself, but the local area. They might ask about local schools, parks, crime rates and much more.

If you were to use an estate agent that doesn’t specialise in your area, the estate agent won’t be able to answer these questions accurately or convincingly. This results in a loss of confidence on the buyer’s side and could make them reluctant to trust them in other areas. Ultimately, it could lose offers.

#2: Local estate agents offer local solutions and examples

Another way local estate agents help buyers, and therefore attract offers for your property, is by offering solutions. Buyers won’t just ask questions, but they will also tell the estate agents their concerns.

For example, they might be concerned about the level of privacy in the garden or question the ability to add an extension to part of the property. The local estate agent would then be able to tell the buyer what’s possible (solutions) due to their knowledge of local planning laws and restrictions. They may even reference nearby properties that have completed similar projects, putting the buyer at ease.

#3: Local estate agents set realistic expectations

One way that local estate agents enhance property sales is by setting realistic expectations. If you were to get a property appraisal from a local agent and an out-of-area agent, you might get wildly different price estimates. However, it’s more likely that the local agent is quoting you the more accurate sale expectation.

Choosing to go with the other agent due to valuing your property higher could be a costly mistake. It may take longer to sell the property and when you do sell it could be below their estimate. This might even cause you to miss a good period to sell your home, which means you could end up selling for even less than the local agent’s initial estimate.

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